The Power of Video Game Music

  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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    Video Game Music sort of feels like it isn't taken seriously. However, I feel it could be some of the strongest types of music because it's attached to experiences. Today, we take a look at the history of video game music, the different types, and some of the most effective uses of it in games.

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    Monika Voice By MinaVA:

    Gun Fight -
    Space Invaders -
    Boss Fight Database, Puppet Ganon -
    Super Mario Advance 2 Longplay -

    Koji Kondo Interview -
    Altzheimers Society on Music
    Music and Dementia
    Paper on Diegetic and Extra-Diegetic Music in Films
    Design with Music in Mind Additional Source
    Writing Interactive Game Music

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